Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paw slippers

I have been brainwashed! I see pictures of pawslippers everywhere so now I want a pair! xD

I searched ebay for some options.

Now I just hope santa gives me a pair. :D


  1. I hope Santa reads your blog :P

    Maybe I should get some. I should wear slippers because I get cold feet, even in summer. also I do this thing where I roll my toes under when I sit down, and don't notice until they start hurting.

    1. yes I really hope he does xD maybe there is a gothic santa somewhere!

      Slippers are the best! I couln't bare the winters without a pair!
      I also sit on my feet, I actually cant sit like a normal person, it was very annoying when I worked at an office, It would have looked weird if I sat on my feet there :'D

  2. Haha! Jag vill också ha sådana. Älskade mina rosa så innerligt :'D
    De här håller jag koll på:

    Btw, vill du att man kommenterar på engelska också? o:

    1. haha de ser ju så mysiga ut :D

      Nej, det behövs inte! Är folk nyfikna på kommentarerna får de översätta xD

  3. Haha, sådana hade jag och typ hälften av min klass för många många år sedan, de kommer nog alltid att finnas :D