Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dollmeeting today yay!

 I was on a dollmeeting today and it was so much fun! :D

Outfit of the day!

My favourite way to have my hair!
I feel better about my hair now (even if it's not green yet xD) and have decided to keep saving it.
I need to wear it like this more often, a little curly and big, I had forgotten how much I liked that. My hair is so mean though, in the mirror its mostly green actually but on pictures pitch black!

Group picture of the dolls. We didnt have a gothic theme or anything today but great minds seem to think alike ;)

Very good day!


  1. Jag gillade också den frisyren! :D
    Usch, jag tycker dockor är riktigt läskiga, men dessa var snygga samtidigt xD Snygga outfits också!

    1. Thaaanks :D

      Haha, jag tycker vissa dockor är läskiga. Men inte BJD-s :D <3

  2. Those dolls are SO beautiful <3 and their outfits, amazing *_*!