Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review: Colour B4

Patience, I have none. :'D

I was going to wait a week to dye my hair but I wanted to have it green now now now!

So I threw in the decolorization yesterday.

I'm really happy with Colour B4. I was amazed to see that it made my hair brown again! All the other brands I've tried made my roots blond and the rest of the hair a mix of darkbrown, and orange.

Bye black hair! Someday we meet again.

After ColourB4

BROWN! Amazing!


As you can see it's not all green! It's more like gray, darkgreen and black here and there. I was so angry yesterday that this new colour I tried Manic Panic Enchanted forest was so dark. Directions Alpine green that I used before wasn't this dark. But I will give this a try, I think my hair will become more green each time I dye it.



  1. Oj, som du skrev, vad BRUNT det blev! :) Bleker jag mitt svarta hår blir det också som du beskrev, blond/orange/brun/svart.
    Det gröna färgen var mörk ja, men deras färger är väl en aning speciella, bara att färga färga färga? :D

    1. Ja jag blev helt chockad, det blev verkligen som det stod på förpackningen! Ska aldrig mer använda det andra märket om jag behöver avfärga.

      Ja, det är bara att fortsätta färga, jag tror jag satte för lite avfärgning på mina hårtoppar också, så där var mitt hår mörkare brunt och då fastnade inte det gröna lika bra där, men det växer ju bort med tiden. :D

  2. The problem here wasn't the dye you used, you just didn't decolorize them enough :) to get a green you should have at least brought them to blonde (a very light blonde) and them put on some blue. You can't put pigments on a brown base :) or you won't see the colour.

    1. I knew this comment would come :'D but no, I have had green before and put it directly on my brown hair which is darker then the brown I had yesterday. I have had red,purple, green and pink hair WITHOUT decolorize my hair at all so I know for a fact that I dont need blond hair for it xD

    2. Hope you did not think I was rude, I know that many think that you have to have blonde hair before you dye it. But I hate to bleach it so I have not done it in 4 years until yesterday and all the colors looks fine on my head anyway. I have tried so many different things with my hair so I can get a little irritated when people come and say that I have to bleach it more even though they have seen how many colors I had, but I know you did not mean anything bad with your comment. :)

    3. I didn't think you were rude :) I just saw you tried red and purple, which can be made without bleaching because they're quite dark colours (and in fact they turned out good on your hair) and green, but from what I saw on the pictures they didn't look dyed, they looked like a green highlight. That's why I suggested you to bleach them, because pigments need it in order to come out bright. :)

    4. I think bleaching hair destroys it too much, so my hair-rule is: If it doesnt stick on my own haircolor, try another one. :'D

      So I will give this green one more chance next time I dye, if it's still dark I go back to my last green. This is a better picture:

      It was greeeen, not just highlights :D