Monday, April 8, 2013

Assignment update 1

Today Im starting my 2 weeks without sugar.

Just to make it clear, I will of course eat fruits!
I'm doing this to get rid om my sugaraddiction, so that menas no soda, ice-cream, candy, buns or pastrys for two weeks.
I will also try my best not to eat any white bread. Pasta and rice I stopped eating a few weeks ago.

So this is all the candy I have in my house which I now have hidden. 
In a few days I will update how this goes. Hopefully I wont have eaten any of that candy. ;)

I bought another kind of candy for this 2 weeks:
Cranberries and almonds! I love eating almonds as snack.


  1. Den där godislådan ser lockande ut ;) Lycka till med de sockerfria veckorna, det kommer nog kännas bra i kroppen!

    1. Tack, dag ett avklarad nu, puh :'D jag märkte redan igårkväll hur min kropp crevjade socker.

  2. Den här sockerfria perioden du kör ger mig inspiration. Jobbar på ett nytt hälsosammare liv just nu.