Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where my necklaces lives

I have had such a productive day! :D
It was perfect springweather, so I was in a cleaning mood so I have been cleaning our apartment all day with the door open!

I also made this for my necklaces, they have been spread around for too long so I have wanted a place where they all fit.

It also has a tiny little shelf which I think is useful :D


  1. Well first off, I'm completely jealous that you were able to clean with the doors open - freezing rain here today ... :P

    What a great idea for the necklaces - it's like a piece of art! And it's all black and red!! :D

    1. It was a supernice day, I hope we will have a sunny day like that soon again, now it's kind of cold outside :<

      Thank you! I like it very much :D