Saturday, June 29, 2013

Simple black dress

Mattias and I went in to town today to participate in the Pride parade. :)

For those who doesn't not know what that is, it's a parade through town to show support for homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals. This was all the people who participated:

 The picture is borrowed from here
It was fun, and it was also the first time ever the parade were held here in Västerås.

And today's outfit:

Simple black dress.

Then we went foodshopping.
We bought strawberries that will be saturdays nom nom with soy cream. ^^

Have a lovely saturday everybody <3


  1. PRIDE!!!! <333
    Glad you had fun there. I want to participate too, some year when I can!!

    1. I hope it's even bigger next year :D I also wanna see Stockholm pride sometime.

  2. Nice cause! I also read in another blog that the same was held in Winnipeg same day. I think it is worldwide?
    Black dress is awesome.. and can I see a cat at your feet? :)

    1. I might be :D

      Haha yes, my cats love to participate in outfit photos :'D

  3. Uh, there was a Pride Parade in Milan that same day and I couldn't go there because I was going to see the Muse in concert :/
    You know, it's amazing what a nice choker with a cross can to do a pretty normal black dress :D

    1. Next time maybe? ^^ Typical for awesome things to be held in the same day.

      I thought of that too actually! A nice choker makes a simple piece of clothing more goth :P