Friday, August 28, 2015


Yesterday I was at my first lolita-meet! Which is weird because i so rarely dress lolita anymore! I should have gone on one around 2010-2011 when my closet was packed with lolita-dresses but I was too scared. 

I'm used to feel overdressed at many places, but with these pink and frilly ladies I felt like the least dressed up, haha! 

I also joined a feministchoir! It felt good, and one of the best part was that my art-teacher from when I was 13 was there! So nice to meet her as an adult and be able to tell her that she was my favourite teacher. ^_^ 


  1. Vilken häftig kombination ni blev tillsammans =) Som en lolita-gott och blandatpåse =)

  2. Lolita är inte min grej, men jag gillar din söta goth look.
    Feminist-kör låter super!

  3. You look great! I am planning to make more lolita inspired dresses in the future as I like the cut.

  4. Well maybe back in your more-lolita-ish-days you simply were not ready somehow so it is great you now went and enjoyed the time!