Friday, September 11, 2015


It has been a hectic period! I have been working almost non-stop for 2 and half weeks. But now there is very little time left until larp, I feel so excited!
This time I will go all black!

Also it was my 27-th birthday last saturday, I was working but after that my husband and I went to see this movie: 

So good!

We also had some cake at a café :D

I got some more celebration time on tuesday, my sister had made me a cake. She and some friends came over with great presents! <3

And lastly, I decided to dye the white dress red, sadly there a few white spots here and there. Bleh. Don't know if I want to buy another bottle and do it again for a dress I rarely wear O.o 
I hate failures :P


  1. Belated birthday wishes :)

    I love the black Larp outfit ♥

  2. Happy birthday! The presents are nice! You did a good job dyeing the dress, I have not had any success dyeing things whatsoever!

    1. Thank you!

      It seems hard to get a nice result, and sadly the colour used for it is kind of expensive too *sigh*

  3. Jag tror att jag gratulerade dig på FB men jag har helt missat denna posten! Grattis i efterskott igen :)

    Jag älskar ditt nya hår, med det lila och blåa, och din svarta alv-outfit är så vacker!

    Så mycket gott du fick på din födelsedag, och jag har velat se den filmen hur länge som helst nu.

    1. Ja det gjorde du nog :D

      Tackar! Men nu är det annan färg på gång här igen, haha!

      Hoppas du får se den snart :D