Saturday, October 3, 2015

Autumn news!

Hello! :D
I hope everyone is having a great start of autumn. 

I felt it was time for a change of hair! It was a long time ago I had really red hair. :)
I'm also getting a haircut next week, it has already been growing a lot since June when I cut it. 

Realizes now it looks like I need to pee on this picture xD
I also joined a halloween swap on Facebook organized by Misantropia :)
It was much fun! I made some hairaccessories for my swap I hope she liked them, and this was what I got from Yvonne, which got me as a swap:

A lovely candle :D

Necklace and earrings with red pearls. 

And a decorative pennant banner :D
Thank you so much for the gifts <3


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous. It's been such a long time since mine was red, too.

    I'm glad you like your gifts. Professor Snape looks quite at home there on your table :) I haven't blogged about my swap gifts (from The Curious Professor Z) yet, but when I do, I'll tag this post, too.

    Have a wonderful Sunday ♥

    1. It's a hard colour to maintain sadly.

      Haha, yes he does, did you draw him? :D

      Thank you <3

    2. I didn't draw Prof. Snape, the card came from Etsy :)

      I've mentioned you in today's post.

      Enjoy your day ♥

  2. Oooooh, I love that candle!

    Your hair always looks wonderful no matter what you do. Not many people are that blessed! :)

    1. Yes, me too, I will never burn it!

      Thank you, that is so kind <3

  3. The red looks great on you as well :-)