Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Halloween tag

Yay, I have been tagged by Ms Misantropia to answer these questions. :D

Favorite Halloween song?
To be honest I don't really know that many? The Addams theme is sort of like a halloween song I guess?


Witch or Vampire?
This is a hard question. Both is interesting. But I guess I should pick witches, they interest me more in movies and books.

Favorite thing about Halloween?
The decor! I love Halloween decor.

Halloween party or Scary movie marathon?
Definitly party to get a chance to dress up :D

Skeletons or Zombies?
Always skeletons, I think I own more skeletons than dresses ;)

Favorite Halloween candy?
Well, there is always some halloweencandy in the stores, but different from year to year so I don't have any.

Favorite Halloween movie?
Hotel Transylvania! I can choose that one, right?

Favorite Halloween costume?
It wasn't halloween, but I've had most fun in this Zombie costume.

Favorite Halloween store?
 We don't have Halloween stores in Sweden. Luckily theres always some stores that sells Halloween related stuff this time of year!

Jack-o-lantern's - yes or no?
Yes! Even though I'm too lazy to make one most years :P

Bats or Black cats?
I like both, but since I have my own black cat at home I choose her <3

Is Halloween your favorite holiday?
No actually not. I really love Christmas. Mostly because of the feeling of joy I have through all december. With my decorations, I daily live in Halloween-time, so that holiday I don't have to miss as much a Christmas.

Pumpkin spice latte or Hot chocolate? 
I must say hot chocolate since I've never tried a pumpkin latte.

Thanks for the challenge!


  1. Aaaaaw! I love all your skeletons displayed around, specially the cooking one! I love the Halloween tag, really happy to see you made it!

  2. Vilken härlig presentation! Jag orkade inte lägga in bilder i min post, men det kanske jag skulle ha gjort :)

    1. Tack :D Jag tänkte att det kanske blir mer intressant, risken är väl att endel tittar bara på bilderna istället när det är så många!

  3. Hehe, I'm always too lazy to make Jack-o-lantern's too but one year I made loads and filled my bathroom with them, BEST CANDLE LIT BATH EVER!
    Also, I've just been tagged in this too but all my favourite bloggers seem to have done it already! haha

    1. Wow, that sounds like a fun idea :D

      Haha, yes I know the problem, there is very few people left to tag in this!

  4. I love this tag and, I did it if you do not mind (:
    ( )

  5. Haha, you own more skeletons than dresses! Yay! :)

  6. *puts halloween mood on* You definitely should try a PSL when getting the chance! Love that the skeleton got so creative ^_^