Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Shopping spree

I have intended to write this entry for a week now, it's time!
I have bought some new clothes and stuff, wohoo! :D 
Always good blogmaterial!

First out, my lovely lovely bag! This has been on my wishlist for at least 2 years but I always thought the price was too high. When I got my new job I decided to buy it anyway as a gift for myself! :D And I'm so happy with it. It feels worth the price now. 
Bought at emp-shop

This top I found at our swedish online secondhand store Tradera
I fell in love with it because of the collar. Don't know how I feel about it yet though. I feel sort of preppy in it but maybe I will combine it with a shirt on top of it instead. :)

Pants! I was in huge need of a pair of black pants. Also from emp.
I really like the skeleton hands!

This little one is from ebay. It's a one size so I wasn't sure it would fit me but it does! The print doesn't really feel like me so I might use it for exercise. It's pretty :D 

Batman shirt! At a very good sale price at emp. Wouldn't have bought it for regular price but for this I'm very pleased with it. Comfortable yet stylish ;) 
I think I will wear it a lot. If I can handle the white that is, haha! I don't know how people manage to stay clean all day in white clothes!?

Last week we was in Stockholm and visited Mall of Scandinavia. 
I bought spider earrings at HM. Aren't they fancy? :D

Very happy with my new stuff!

Aren't sponsored by any of the stores btw, haha! Wish I was ;)


  1. Oh, everything you posted is lovely, but I like that comfy looking Batman shirt the most. I've been thinking about getting a similar unicorn print tank top, but the print feels a little weird just like you sad. :)

    1. I understand, it's a great shirt!

      Haha yeah it's a little too much :P

  2. Oh wow! I love the bag! You got a nice haul!

  3. I love your clothes. And the bag is cool; I have one almost similar with a ribcage xray.

  4. Oh,this bag :D I have a bag just like this. *-* Bag sister :D

  5. Nice shopping! Love the earrings, and the bag :) I am glad you realized your dreams now and happy with the choices. Enjoy wearing all these items!
    have a wonderful day!!!

  6. I love the Peter Pan collar blouse, very cute! Preppy/doll Goth is so cute, I think!

    1. Yes, it is pretty, I really hope I'll get used to it!

  7. It's nice to get new stuff once in a while, isn't it? I've been on a bit of a spending spree myself lately, except with furniture! LOL I hear you about white ... white clothes, white sheets - how do people keep them clean? :O

    1. Yeees, it is! *__*

      Haha so far so good with the shirt! Maybe I have gotten better to keep clothes clean with age xD

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