Monday, August 8, 2016

10 things

10 things you might not know about me!

1. I don't like to stay up after midnight. Honestly I prefer if I can sleep before 10! If I do stay up longer than midnight the whole day after is ruined.

2. When I get too hungry I get very mad for no reason. My husband knows this so he is prepared and never fight back with me, he just start looking around for some food :'D

3. Jobs are a very stressful thing for me. There are so many jobs I would like to try that I'm really afraidto never be satisfied in anything. Jobs I for example still would like to work as: librarian, actor, radio host, priest, physiotherapist, journalist and personal trainer.

4. On my birthday 3 years ago I got these earrings from my sister. They came with a note about how this specific stone is supposed to give you strenght and courage. So now I always wear them when I feel I need a boost!

5. Tv-series is my guilty pleasure. I follow around 23 at the same time, but I'm always looking for more. I think I just love that freedom from my own problems. So that's why I prefer shows where the people are rich, beautiful and theirs problems are fairly small. :P

6. Candy or icecream is often the first thing I eat in the morning. It's mostly because I tend to be a little bit hungry, but we have breakfast at my job, so I just grab something yummy so I can work until that.

7. I can read very fast. I don't have to read every word to get the information I need so people tend to be very surprised at how many books I can read in a very short amount of time.

8. I have a hard time accepting adultlife. I can't understand people who are totally happy with how the world is built with all this working, cleaning, thinking, planning and stressing. It sort of feels like a circle that goes round and round and never gets easier. I always have the feeling that it's gotta be more than this? But I can't find out what and how to fix it.

9. I hate being home alone. I always hear these couples who loves their freetime from their spouses and actually ENJOYS when the other person spends the night somewhere else? We have lived together for 9 years and I still don't feel that. Everything is less fun when my husband is not at home. And sleeping alone really sucks. 

10. I like to put food on peoples plates..this might sound very weird but I have been like this for as long as I can remember! I always wanted to put my familys food on their plates and I mostly do it for guests and my husband. I think it's some kind of controlthing, I can do it better, haha!

If anyone want to do an entry like this I would love to read it :D 


  1. Challenge accepted =) Jag skriver en.

    1. Ja hoppas du inte glömt bort det nu bara ;)

  2. I can totally relate to most of your points regarding life and work; I can't seem to find the right occupation either - there are may things, that interest me, but not enough to dive in and get down to studying again... - and I also have a hard time coping with having a full time job and a household with only two free days that I can't even spend as freely...meh...:) I should do this sometime too^^ I'm having trouble finding topics to blog about these days...

    1. Exactly, the educations would take too much money and time so it's not possible to do everything one wants :(

      I hope you will do the list :D

  3. I need lots of sleep, too!

    I also get stress when I'm hungry. I've heard it called hangry: hungry angry. Does your country have this?

    I read pretty fast but I also spend a lot of time reading.

    I don't get adult life either!

    I get scared home alone at night! Luckily I have a dog now!

    1. Haha hangry is a good word, I don't think I have heard it :D

      A dog is good to have! Sometimes my cats make me even more scared though because it seems like they see stuff I can't see O.O