Saturday, August 6, 2016

Real life mermaids

I can't belivie I haven't heard of this before, but yesterday I read an article about mermaids!
It's about people who are so fascinated by them, so they dress up as mermaids when they go swimming, in custommade tails that are made for swimming. It sounds wonderful and they are so pretty!

I have seen before that in some countries you can work as a mermaid, but I didn't know it was a acitivity a lot of people do on their sparetime. There are even mermaidconventions! 

I am really inspired by this. I can't even swim because of different reasons, one of them are my aquaphobia. 
I really have a goal for this autumn, to visit the local bath more with my husband so he can continue to learn me how to swim! :D
Not so I can start dressing like a mermaid instantly but because reading about that hobby and all really made me want to experience how it could be to really swim around in water! 
I imagine it must feel very liberating?


  1. I love this. The Discovery Channel had a fake documentary about Mermaids being real.I feel like a real dork admitting that at first I thought it was sort of real. Kinda of a War of the Worlds moment. My husband and daughter started to really tease me about it. I defended myself. What is wrong with wanting Mermaids to be real?

    1. Oh I myself would absolutely belivied in it at first as well! Just because I so much want it to be real :D And who knows because we have definitily not seen all the creatures that exist, maybe there are some sort of mermaids in the deepest waters ^_^