Thursday, September 15, 2016

Throwback thursday

In June I did a throwback entry to see what I did earlier years in June.
Since I see this month as a new start I was thinking it would be even more interesting to do 
one about it.
So this is how my Septembers looked like a few years back :)

Last year, September 2015 I worked a lot, was on a larp and also was reading a lot of books because of a bookchallenge.

September 2014 I was sick a lot with my endometriosis. I was trying different pills which made it even worse.  


September 2013 was a great month! I just started a job at a kitchen, I got my driving license and we was in a zombiewalk :) 

September 2012 was my first month as unemployed. I was sick a lot I remember, but still enjoyed my freetime. 


September 2011. Wow, I can't remember anything bad happening this september. I graduated from the graphic design education and started the bakery one! It was so awesome, I loved it so much. I wish I could relive it because I felt so happy. 


September 2010 was a stressful month. We had 5 little kitties at home, there was a funeral, and I had a operation on my tailbone. We also had just moved to Västerås! 

September 2009 was the weirdest time so far in my life. I was in a education to become a teacher in Uppsala. I lived there alone, without Mattias, because we were on a break. But we hang out a lot anyway, which was very confusing for us both. I'm glad we sorted it all out because I never want to feel like that again, it really felt like a part of me was missing.

September 2008 was exciting times! We were renovating a little house that we would move in to in November. And little Kira! Oh, she was so tiny and cute. I was very into lolita that autumn and felt oh so pretty, haha!

September 2007 I was 18 and it was time for theatreschool. It had been my dream for years!
Sadly it wasn't as expected, I couldn't handle all the stress around the plays, the looong nights and junkfood so it was a very rough year. I have many good memories though from the plays, so I can't say I regret it either. 

Do you have any special September memories to share? ^_^


  1. Va kul med tillbakablick! Va många spännande utbildningar du har gått! Mitt bästa septemberminne är att jag förlovade mig i september 2013!

    1. Ja men lärarutbildningen var lite väl jobbig tyckte jag så den hoppade jag snabbt av, haha!

      Åh, vilket bra höstminne :D

  2. There is an amazing movie out called Boyhood. It was about a family’s life from early childhood until the son goes to college. It was filmed over 12 years. You starting your blog at such a young age reminds me of the movie. It is like a time capsule. You will be able to see all the challenges you overcame and put them in perspective. You have given yourself and all of us a rare gift.

    1. I haven't seen it yet but have heard a lot of good reviews so I should watch it soon!

      Thank you for such a sweet comment <3 I love to be able to look back and remember stuff.

  3. Wow, photos from almost 10 years ago? We're getting old, huhh?! :D So you live ina town called Västerås? How do you pronounce it? Is it like Game of Thrones - ish? :D

    1. I know, I feel old looking at this, haha!

      Yes! I often joke when I met new people and tell them I live in Westeros :'D But we pronounce Västerås more like VesterÅS with the Å very clear.

  4. I love all your different looks! I hope this September s going well!