Saturday, September 3, 2016


When I see clothes I like in a store, I often not buy it because; Poor!
But if one has patience and wait long enough, the particular item often sooner or later ends up on the swedish Ebay site! It's a good way to shop I think! 
Like this perfect Wednesday Addams dress I found there last week! 

I wanted some pictures of it but it felt like a waste not to dress as Wednesday with wig and all so that's what I did :D 

(click on pictures for larger view)

This is a bonuspicture with cat, Luna was so cute and joined on on many pictures, sadly they were all so blurry. 

It's great to have a dress like this in my closet! Don't we all have days we just want to be an Addams? 


  1. Jättesnygg klänning! Och är katten döpt efter Luna Lovegood?!?! Eller är det en mån-katt?

  2. Hahha, yes, you gotta love those auction sites^^ Cool photos and that dress is really cute^^

    1. It's fantastic, sometimes I buy clothes I have been wanting for under a dollar :O

      Thank you <3