Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Yesterday was my 28-th birthday! Time flies :D
It's become a tradition to visit the cinema on this day, I think it's a good one. So yesterday me, my husband and my sister saw Finding Doris! It was funny and sad!

Birthday outfit! I love how my stockings match my purple hair :D 

Today the celebrations continued! Felt like I had two birthdays, haha!
Familyparty with a swedish "sandwichcake" ? and some homemade cakes! 

I skipped making a birthdaycake, it was more fun to bake some different stuff. 

And todays outfit of course!

I got everything I had wished for, tickets for the cinema, yay! And Mindfulness colouring books with pens! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Lesthi! I wanted to see Finding Doris but it never did come to any of the theatres here - or if it did, I missed it. It looked like a great movie!

    Enjoy your colouring books - and hopefully you had some leftover cupcakes today! <3

    1. Oh :/ maybe it will later.

      Thank you! Yes, there was too much cake left, haha!

  2. Happy birthday Lesthi! You look beautiful in your both outfits, and I am glad that you had such fun and enjoyable celebrations :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!^^

    Today was my boyfriend's birthday, so I made a cake too. We didn't actually have the chance to celebrate because he had a long day at work and came home late, but we're planning to go to the cinema too^^

    You looked really pretty both days^^

    1. Congratulations to him :D I hope you will have a great time at the cinema!

  4. Happy birthday! I loose those purple tights!

  5. I've only just found this blog. I love your the top outfit and taffa skirt. It look amazing.