Friday, March 17, 2017

Thoughts about blogging

Hello! :) 

I took two outfitpictures this week. So I thought I post them here. 
But to be honest I don't really have so much love for blogging anymore. I really prefer writing looking and everything at instagram. 
(My names is Lesthi there as well if you wan't to add)
I have also been thinking about making videos! It seems like so much fun, I love that sort of editing as well. 
Maybe start with something easy and not so scary, like a housetour, haha! 
I still wan't to keep my blog up though, and I would also upload my videos here in that case.

Anyway :D These are 2 outfits from this week. I was so happy with them, I think they are sort of my typical style right now. 

And my bangs are long enough for it to braid again, YES. Why do I keep cutting bangs? 

This sunday me and my husband will go and see Beauty and Beast which I very much look forward too. So I made a little celebration picture for instagram yesterday:

Have a lovely weekend everyone! <3


  1. Seems like everyone is leaving the world of blogging! lol

    Very cute outfits, and I loved your photoshoot for Beauty and the Beast! The youngest has moved away and I don't have anyone to go see movies with any more. I guess I'll have to start going to afternoon matinees by myself. lol

    1. Yes, it really seems that way. It's sad, people don't have time to read och write whole entries I think.

      Haha nothing wrong with going by yourself :'D I would totally go alone to se movies my husband aren't interested in if I could afford more cinemavisits.

  2. Cute outfits^^ I prefer IG these days as well, it's easier to share stuff there. It's not that I don't have time to read or write blog post, I simply don't have anything interesting to share, just random snapshots that aren't worth a blogpost.

    Videos sound great, I'm looking forward to them, should you decide to film some^^ I wish I had the time and - most of all - the confidence to make videos too^^

    1. Yes it's much easier :) but right now I'm not even in the mood for instagram haha!

  3. Var filmen bra? Är inte superförtjust i Emma Watson men den kanske är bra ändå? Jag förstår verkligen grejen med instagram framför bloggen, hoppas att u har det asbra var du än är <3

    1. Filmen var mycket bra men jag var faktiskt inte heeelt nöjd med Emmas insats..
      Vad kul att du kikade in här :D