Sunday, July 16, 2017

A June

Even though July also is ending soon I want to do a June update :D 

2 outfitpictures. I bought my disney dreamdress when it was on sale at emp-shop
I like the dress with bats, but I'm thinking about cutting the sleeves off because I think i would wear it more often then. 

I got myself some rollerblades! It is so much fun. I still have the roller-derby dreams as I mentioned in a entry 4 years ago. link
But sadly I can't handle hobbies where I have to be someplace several times in a week. I don't go so it doesn't seem worth paying for something you will not attend :P I have to work on this. 

Yummy sandwichcake I made for my husbands birthday :D

I think the best part of June was this meetup! It's 10 years now since I graduated gymnasium so we planned a little meetup for everyone in the class. These 2 girls were my best friends during the schoolyears :) Andrea to the right I still hang out with so thats fun. 

I hope everyone is having a nice summer :D My vacation started yesterday so hopefully I will do a very interesting and exciting entry after the summer ;) 


  1. I love the bat dress! So cool, it reminds me of my Sourpuss sweaters. I like the sleeves but I know what you mean, there's a dress I have where the sleeves are hacked off and I stitched a new binding on it, now it looks wayyy cuter.

  2. that maleficient skirt ! i'm in love

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