Sunday, September 17, 2017

Birthday gifts

Hello :D
I just wanted to show my amazing gifts I have been getting for my birthday. 
It was 5th september but because people are so busy I have been celebrated a little here and there after that. 

Look at these plates! Actually I'm scared to put something on them. I think I just will use them as decorations. 

Mushu and Cricket <3 
And of course I can't WAIT to do this puzzle I got from my sister. Oh my! It's larp in a few days but after that I will jump on this. So excited! 

I bought this fox as a gift for myself, what should I name it?

Other things I got was a new computer monitor and a huge giftcard for my favourite clothingstore emp-shop. I already ordered some dresses but they haven't arrived yet. Stay tuned ;) 

Here are some recent outfits :) 


  1. Happy birthday there some great presents.

  2. Happy birthday there some great presents.

  3. Grattis i efterskott! :-) Pussel är så kul att bygga. I somras byggde jag ihop två stycken 2000-bitars-pussel. Tanken är att pojkarna ska ha de på väggarna i sina rum.

    1. Jag har faktiskt köpt en ram som jag tänkte ha pusslet i sen :D det är ju för fint för att inte göra så.

  4. Your birthday is one day before mine! Happy birthday!