Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Things that makes me happy

I founds this entry in my drafts but I hadn't finished it yet. Seemed like a good idea to finish it. I think it's healthy to find joy in the little things in life as well. :)

Things that makes me happy

- When one of the cats falls asleep in my lap and after a while does this happy jawn and start to purr.

- Waking up at 9 a day free from work with nothing planned but reading and watching movies the whole day.

-  After a workout, having also just cleaned the apartment, sitting down with a huge glass of coca-cola, with ice and a straw in!

- Going to the cinema, order the largest popcorn and watching a movie you just know will be soooo gooood.

- Waking up in the niddle of the night just to move closer to my husband and fall asleep again.

- A freshly made bed and a whole hour of reading before it's time to sleep.

- The first day in december.When christmas is everywhere. Hopefully a little snow as well.

Feel free to do your own list :D In the comments or in your blog!

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