Thursday, December 28, 2017


Even though I'm very bad at updating here I feel like I should do a year review :)

Like always a year is both good and bad. One of the highlights was visiting my older sister and her family in Finland. It was wonderful even though I have felt more sad after it because they live so far away, I feel like we are missing out on each others lifes.
Besides Finland I made a new really good friend this year though, that makes me happy. It's not easy finding new friends as a grown-up but my younger sister sort of arranged it. My younger sister is always a good part of a year, I don't know how I would make it without her.
Our new family member, my husbands sisters child (puh) also makes me so happy! :D He is now 1 year old and I wish I could see him everyday haha!

Overall I have had a sad year. Very much anxiety. One would think everything would feel better now that I'm finally economically stable for the first time in adult life, and also have a job I really like. But anxiety doesn't work that way.
Earlier this year I started to talk to a psychologist, she was the best. I learned a lot, she made me look at my childhood a way that I have never been before and it really helped. Then she moved away in august and since then I haven't got a new one even though I should.
This year one of my favourite artists passed away. Chester Bennington in Linkin Park. He killed himself and it affected me so much. I was devastated for a week. I'm still very sad that he is gone. But I don't want it to go that far for me. And I wont let it.
2018 I need to find things that makes me feel better.

My husband and I celebrated 13 years together this December, and 4 years as married. :D I'm so glad to have him in my life. He is like a lifeboat that keeps my safe and never let's me drift away. <3 

This is the stuff I wanted to accomplish the year of 2017:
-  Visit London ( )  I visited my sister in Finland instead which I'm very happy about it! Maybe there will be a trip to London in 2018 but it's not something I will plan now.
-  Visit a spa ( ) I almost made it this year! I have giftcard, haha!
-  Go bowling more! (/) I guess I did it more than I ususally do. But not as much as I wanted!
- Talk less to my mom. (x) I nailed this. I haven't talked to her since 23 december 2016 and that has been so good for me. Nowadays there is noone telling me that I'm a stupid and worthless person.

Hair of 2017

This is the stuff I want to accomplish the year of 2018:

- Try to do more yoga. I'm falling behind in my workouts because I'm so tired which affects my endometrios badly. Maybe instead of a rough workout I could try to to yoga the days I feel weary ( )
- Use that spagiftcard! ( )
- Be with family more. Sometimes when Mattias visits his family I'm to scared to go with. I'm scared that they will ask questions about my anxiety when I can't pretend to be happy. But I like going there. So I should remember that ( )
- Most important, use the money I now have on more fun stuff I really enjoy, visit the movies, go on a cruise, maybe go to Finland again.  ( )

Best book this year: On the Island - Tracey Garvis Grace
Best movie this year: Jumanji, welcome to the jungle


  1. Yoga has been the only workout I've stuck to, so I can recommend that. It's made me feel better overall and the breathing techniques help some people with anxiety. Best wishes for 2018!

    1. Thank you I will really try to do it :) I'm just so scared always that yoga isn't as giving for the body as cardio even though I know many people who only do yoga and are very much in shape!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful 2018, Lesthi! It's good you have Mattias and your sister as support, especially when there is no support from your mother. That makes me so sad. :( I hope you start the yoga - as 1666X says it seems like it might be good for your anxiety. 🖤

    1. Thank you so much <3 Yes, it's very sad not to be able to have her in my life but it's better when she is not. I'm thankful for the people I do have :D

  3. Hoppas att du uppnår det du vill under 2018! God fortsättning på det nya året.

  4. Hahha, you really gotta go to that spa this year...! :D I hope you can afford having more spontaneous fun in 2018, you deserve it. :3

    1. Haha yes! This is getting ridicolus :'D

      Thank you! <3