Saturday, January 20, 2018

Throwback January

A throwback to Januarys earlier in my life :D

January 2008. 
10 years ago I was a dollmum. :P Well I still am, but I'm not that into the hobby anymore. I sometimes miss it and wish I would be excited about it again. 

January 2009.
I was very confused at that time.I wanted change. Life seemed so boring I remember. That whole year turned out a mess just because I was so unhappy and bored.

January 2010
That year started out great, I got in on a education in graphic design that I liked, Mattias and I had found each other for real again. :)

January 2011
I was loving my green hair, baking a lot, working hard in school and looking for intership.


January 2012
And nooow I was in pastry school haha! Had so much fun, loved every minute of every day! 

January 2013
Unemployed, sad, worrying that we might not afford getting married in Decemberas planned. I was hanging a lot with my friend Andrea who also took this picture.

January 2014
I was working in a kitchen, just married and feeling happier because I had a job to go to.

January 2015
I was in a lot of pain almost every day, I had trouble with my new pills. It would be a rough few months I had ahead of me. 

January 2016
I was doing so well with my workouts, feeling great! Exciting things going on. 

January 2017
Tired after a very hectic 2016. But also happy and with very high hopes for the year. :D 

As of todayJanuary 2018
Very tired and need to go to bed. 


  1. Sounds a positive decade to remember of. I prefer not to think back too much, also there was always a silver lining to my clouds. PS: you're gorgeous!

    1. Some years was not so good, but I still like to think back just because I feel better now than I did then :) I hope that you feel good in life right now!
      Thank you!

  2. Well, at least your hair was always fabulous. Love the variety of cuts and colors

  3. I love posts like this even if there bound to be a lot of shit to resufrace, because it's good to see what a long way you have come as a person. :) Is that a BJD, by the way?
    Also, 2013, Unemployed, sad, worrying, but still beautiful. You should be doing modelling regularly! ;)

    1. I agree :) bot bad and good stuff are part of life and I see this as a reminder that it wasn't overall bad. Yes it's a bjd :D I sold her a few years ago but I still have 2 left that I will never sell.

      Haha aww thank you <3

  4. Så fint att göra så :) Jag vågar inte se tillbaka för jag vet att sju av åren kommer innehålla livet jag lagt bakom mig och jag vill inte riktigt gå dit så att säga. Hoppas du får sova ordentligt :D

    1. Jag förstår det :)

      Haha ja nu har jag minsann sovit bort min förkylning tror jag :'D