Sunday, March 18, 2018

Challenge day 10, Your latest purchase

I haven't been buying a lot of stuff lately so I was actually a little worried that I wouldn't know what to pick for this entry, but 2 weeks ago I got the idea that I wanted a indoor trampoline!
So I bought one an it's amazingly fun!

As some of you know it's very important for my endometriosis that I workout regularly or else I will have lot of pain. But becuase of my anxiety it has been a rough winter for my body, I haven't been working out as I should. So when I got the idea of a trampoline I felt that if I actually is excited about something, I should go ahead and buy it! 
So now everyday I choose 3 happy songs to jump to! :D 


  1. It’s great to actually find exercise you enjoy!

  2. It looks a fantastic idea and a good way of loosing weight.

    1. My husband is using it for weightloss so I hope it's good for that too ^_^