Friday, March 23, 2018

Challenge day 11, What I ate in a day

I haven't been feeling well this week so I didn't blog. I did do this challenge last sunday though. :) 
I chose to do it on a sunday because I didn't want to photograph my food at work, haha!
So this is what I ate the whole day on sunday.

I made scones for breakfast :)

After that I had some candy because I'm worth it!

For lunch I had some leftover sallad from the day before, but added a yoghurt and a kiwi.

I didn't need much for lunch because I had a plan to treat myself with some leftover popcorn from our cinemavisit the day before as well. :D I always buy too much popcorn so I can eat the day after as well.

For dinner I made schnitzel and potato gratin. And added some broccoli! I could eat brocooli every day, it's lovely.

I realized that there isn't any pictures of what I drank! But don't you worry, I drink lots of water everyday, and I also hade a coca-cola can with the popcorns. :D

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