Thursday, March 8, 2018

Challenge day 5, A great memory

One of my dearest memories together with my husband comes to mind. 
It was Metaltown 2010, we are really not concert or festival kind of people but we went there because of Rammstein :D It was in Gothenburg and we had never been there.

We quickly realized that the festivalenvironment made us really stressed. So instead of hustling around there we went around town! We LOVED Gothenburg, it was so pretty and all the people seemed so calm even though they live in such a big town. We went to movies, ate pizza and just had a really awesome time.
We did see Rammstein and that was wonderful too, but that was the only band we really saw, haha!

We ended up spending an extra night in Gothenburg because we wanted to relax and see more of the town.
It's just such a great memory for me, the whole weekend was so cozy, fun and I think that hotel had the greatest bed I ever slept in as well. Sometimes when I'm really stressed out I think about that lovely little trip we had :D


  1. That looks like a very tiny bed! I bet Rammstein was amazing to see live. :)

    1. Haha, I don't think it was. Our bed at home is 1,40 cm and I do belivie the hotelbed was bigger :'D