Monday, March 5, 2018

Challenge day 4, My favourite beautyproducts

Since I'm not that really into regular beautystuff (haven't used makeup in 5 years I think!) I wasn't sure to have this in the list. But maybe this will be fun anyway :D I do have some tips&tricks heheheee.
You don't look this flaaawless by doing nothing right!

(Actually I'm to lazy to do anything most days, but I try okay)

Number 1, 
This is a soap made by oil. My cats love to cuddle with it for some reason. O.o
I use it after dyeing my hair, it takes away colour from the body, like if you've gotten some on the neck,ears, face and so on. Works so great!

Number 2,
More oils. 
These are oils. Almond oil and argan oil. I use them as hair masks. Just smear in your hairtips and frizzy parts an hour or two before washing it and your hair feels so so fresh.

Number 3, 
Sometimes when I feel like it I wash my face with facewater I bought from lush. It smells nice and feels nice.

Number 4, 
Aloe Vera gel,
 is some good shit right here. I use this for like everything. Shaved your legs and it itches? Have some aloe vera! Burned your hand on the oven? Have some aloe vera! Is your dandruff making your scalp itch? Have some aloe vera! Wan't to look forever young? Have some aloe vera! (Joking aside, I did read somewhere that aloe vera prevents wrinkles, I don't know if it's true though, I'll be back with a review in 10 years I guess?)

What is your favourite beautyproducts?


  1. Your routine sounds a little like mine ... I just use whatever is handy and have no favourite products! Whatever is cheapest at the drugstore is my favourite. ;)

    1. I like to try new things instead of buying the same ones over and over haha! Probably a very bad thing to do :'D

  2. I might have to try the aloe Vera cream. I've recent changes my face moisture to lacura q10 and it has a n spf factor 20. Or a cheap Aldi job. I'm getting concerned about wrinkles as I get closer to 30.

    1. Try it, it's good for the skin! and if it's true that it helps prevent wrinkles it's certainly a plus :D