Sunday, March 11, 2018

Challenge day 7, A celebrity crush

Okay I admit it. I only started a blogchallenge to get a reason to write a whole entry about Jamie ;) Maybe... 

So my celebrity crush is Sam Heughan who is playing Jamie in Outlander. 
Like seriously, are you guys seeing this? That man is PERFECT.

I very rarely get celebrity crushes so this one came as a big surprise when I started watching Outlander a month ago. I think a lot of my deep deep love has to do with how the character Jamie are, I think it might be impossible not falling in love with him. But after seeing lots of interviews with Sam Heughan I do think that he in private seems like a very nice person. :) 

If you haven't seen Outlander I truly recommend!
I'm reading the books as well. 


  1. I've seen outlander but I've never read the books. Jamie is defintly some great eye candy with a lot of charm. I love the chemisty between Jamie and Claire.

    1. Me too, they really found the perfect actors for the serie!