Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Challenge day 8, A dreamjob

This a difficult question actually because it depends on how much you dream :P
On one hand I really would like to work with baking some day again, but if I were to be extremly rich I guess I would start a catshelter, what a dream, working with cats and taking care of them! 

BUT! In my wildest dreams I would be an actor of course, that job seems very very lovely, haha! 

Pictures from 2007 in theatreschool :D When I still thought that I would be an actor someday, haha! 


  1. Sadly, as you get older reality seems to quick you in the private and destroy any chance of dreams becoming a reality. However, your inner child still dreams. My dream is to find another job outside of healthcare maybe teach people to sew one day. Maybe.I guess we can dream.

    1. So true, we I was younger I was very confident in my dreams, it didn't seem impossible to get to work in theatre and movies. Nowadays I just feel really happy that I finally aren't poor anymore.. Maybe someday I get to work with cats or baking at least. I hope you get your dreamjob :D