Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Castle session

In may I had a session at Ängsö castle. Andrea Karlsson was the photographer. It was such an inspirational place so it became even more pictures than usual :'D 

Click on the pictures to see them larger!

Thanks for looking :D


  1. You look amazing! Even though the clothes aren't exactly historical you really bring across the olden days princess look! You look beautiful! You are getting really amazing at posing too!

  2. Beautiful photos! ^^
    I love the location, especially the arch yard with the vines. ^^

  3. Oh my goodness these photos are stunning. You are stunning! I may be fangirling a bit.

  4. Så fiiint! Du smälte in bra där bland de vita blommorna. :)

  5. Åh vilken fin klänning!! Du är så vacker Sabina <3

  6. So beautiful photos! A lovely location and a great outift. And you look good in white, though very unusual, but it contrasts so well with your dark hair.
    love, ette