Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 is heeeeere!

Happy new year! Maybe a little late :'D

I feel good about this year. I think it's going to be a good one!
Even though there are some bad parts going on right now.
One of my collegues are changing job in month, which I feel really sad about because she is someone I have talked a lot to about personal stuff. I don't feel that sort of bond with many people. So that part is not good, but I'm of course happy for her and I'm also determined to find a new job myself this year so :)

Other than that, this year couldn't have started better. I'm always happy to celebrate new years eve with my husband, so glad that we stay together, year after year, no matter what sort of lemons life gives us.

Best napkins at new years eve dinner!

I have finally found something he approves in my workout-schedule as well! Kickboxing! So now we practise together and that is awesome. ^_^

As a gift for myself to celebrate the new year I bought these two pillows, aren't they just awesome!?

I was excited to have bangs again, so I cut it myself earlier today, it looks this weird right now so I hope it will look better after a hairwash xD


  1. Happy New Year! ^^ I have really good feelings about 2016 too. :)

  2. Great pillows! I think your hair looks good! My partner introduced me to that short film!

  3. Kuddarna är underbara :) Jag har också en bra känsla inför 2016. Hoppas att vi har rätt :)

  4. Försök att hålla kontakten med din jobbarkompis. Det blir lätt att tiden bara rinner iväg och man slutar träffas. Supersnygga kuddar!

  5. Happy New Year, Lesthi! The bangs look good, as always. LOL Seriously, is there a hair style that DOESN'T suit you?